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Travel Instructions ~ Lodging Information ~ Obtaining an Argonne Gate Pass ~ Safety Training ~ Reserving Beam Time


Travel Instructions

The DND-CAT Synchrotron Research Center is located at the Advanced Photon Source in Building 432 of Argonne National Laboratory. Please call us at (630)252-0222 before you plan to travel so that we can arrange for a pass to the Laboratory and the APS.

The Laboratory is easily accessible from either Midway or O'Hare Airports.

From O'Hare Airport

Take the Tri-State Tollway (I-294) south to the intersection of I-294 and the Stevenson Expressway (I-55). I-294 is a toll road, so you will need $0.95 in change (there are two tolls at $0.40 and one at $0.15) for the automatic lanes. Alternatively, you can use the manual lanes with a human tolltaker. Take I-55 south to the exit for South Cass Avenue. Exit at South Cass Ave, drive over the overpass and you will see the sign for Argonne National Laboratory. Follow the signs and turn into the Laboratory entrance on Northgate Road. You will need to stop at the Visitor Center to obtain a pass and a map to find the APS within Argonne.

From Midway Airport

Take Cicero Avenue north to I-55. Take I-55 South to South Cass Avenue and then follow the instructions in the above paragraph.

Limousine Services

Several companies serve Argonne. When you make your reservation the company will inform you of the phone number to call when you arrive at either O'Hare or Midway to summon the limousine. For a complete list of limo services see the transportation section of the APS home page or contact the DND-CAT office or the APS Users Office.


Lodging Information

Argonne Guest House

Argonne Guest House is available to anyone working or visiting the Argonne Campus. The Guest House phone number is (630) 739-6000. The fax number is (630) 739-1000.

Reservations can be made using the toll free number of 1-800-632-8990 or e-mail or visit for additional information.

Local Hotels

There are several hotels near the laboratory on Kingery Road (Rt 83) north of I-55. Rt 83 is east of the laboratory on I-55. If you exit the laboratory at Northgate road and travel north on I-55, Kingery Road is the first exit.

From the airport, Kingery Road is two exits before the South Cass Avenue exit.

Rates are subject to change. Ask for the Argonne rate.

Obtaining an Argonne Gate Pass

All visitors should review the site access information at the APS web site.

U.S. Citizens must contact Monica Green either by phone at 630-252-0222 or by email or the person they wish to visit at least 24 hours before their visit to allow time to obtain an Argonne gate pass.

Non-citizens must contact the APS Users Office at least two weeks before their visit and provide the following information:

Safety Training

All visitors should review the site access information at the APS web site.

Online training is available to registered APS users at the APS Safety and Training website.
Contact Denis Keane to arrange for Sector Training
If you have GERT (General Employee Radiation Training) from another facility within the last two years, bring proof (GERT Card) and you will not have to test at the APS.
Once you have completed these steps you will be issued a Photo ID Card that will allow access to the Argonne Campus and is a cardkey for the doors at the APS.

Reserving Beam Time

Fill out the Experiment Reservation Form to insure beamtime and submit via the web. The form can be accessed only by DND-Members at the DuPont, Northwestern or Dow sites.
Request Beam Time ~ If you have any questions, please contact Denis Keane