Research at DND-CAT

Atomic Structure of Bulk Materials

X-ray diffraction has provided the bulk of what we now know about atomic arrangements in materials. The APS will allow us to move to the next level of detail in atomic structure. Some of proposed research projects are:

Arrangements of dopant atoms and other lattice defects in the structures of metals, catalysts and superconductors

Due to the low concentrations and lack of long range order, scattering from dopant atoms and lattice defects is weak and diffuse. Large increases in flux are necessary to study such important materials as steel, engineering aluminum alloys and oxide superconductors.

In situ studies of catalysts

Commercial catalysts operate at elevated temperatures and pressures. Existing x-ray sources do not produce radiation hard enough to penetrate reactor vessels operating under realistic conditions. Catalysts of interest to us include supported metal and bimetallic catalysts ( Pd, Pd-Re), zeolites and catalysts for environmentally benign chlorofluorocarbons.