Announcements at DND-CAT for 4/17/00
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User Activity Reports

Every six months, users who perform experiments at DND-CAT are required by the DND-CAT Management Board to either submit an "activity report," declare that the experiment was a bust, or inform the DND director when an activity report might be expected.

DND beamtime is withheld until a report has been submitted. If one isn't provided before you run, then you will be given the opportunity when you arrive. A number of reports are coming due and we will be sorting through our records before the 2000-2 run to see if there are users who haven't fulfilled this requirement.

We are changing the format of our reporting. Please use the templates that the APS is providing for their activity reports. If you want to use this as your activity report then we will forward it to the APS and it will be posted on their website and published in their annual.

The templates can be found at:

If you want your abstract to be an APS activity report, you will need to fill out the Publication Release Form that is also on that page. Please send copies of publications with work performed at DND-CAT to JerrieLea Hopf at DND.

End-of-Run Comments

DND has implemented a mechanism for user's to provide end-of-run comments. An e-mail that contains ten questions regarding the experiment is sent to the primary user for each experiment This type of input is very important for us in order to improve the beamline. Some beamlines refuse future beamtime if the end of run form isn't filled out. In the future, a similar email will be sent to the primary user on the last day of the experimental run. E-mail has been sent to everyone who ran experiments during 2000-1. The feedback so far received has been very useful.

New Mirrors

DND is preparing to install the mirrors in the bending magnet beamline. Work is proceeding steadily and we still anticipate being able to begin commissioning the mirrors during the next run.

Forbidden Materials

APS has advised all APS CATs of a group of biohazardous agents, known as "Select Agents" which may NOT be brought to or studied at Argonne National Laboratory. Federal Law (42 CFR Part 72) requires institutions wishing to study or transport/receive these agents must be registered with the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services and Argonne is NOT registered to use, transport, or receive these agents. Penalties for violating Part 72 requirements are severe, and include criminal penalties for individuals as well as substantial fines for institutions. For a list of these agents, please see Appendix A to 42 CFR Part 72 which can be found at